Drawing of Hugh Despenser the Younger

OK, I’m no artist, but I do like to use images to bring my written characters to life.

Here is my first picture of Hugh Despenser the younger (Yes, there will be more I’m afraid!). The way I ‘see’ characters is by having an initial image of them in my head and then ‘casting’ a current actor or actress to play them (as if it were a film). Can you guess the actor I have cast for Hugh, based on the picture (a clue – he’s British and no stranger to sword-play)? All correct answers win a virtual trip of the imagination in a century of their choice!


About Jules Frusher

With an MA in Creative and Critical Writing, I am passionate about the written word. The other great loves of my life are all things Medieval (especially Hugh le Despenser the Younger) and animal behaviour (especially canids and corvids). Give me a castle in the wilderness (with Broadband!) and I'll be happy!
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