The Monday Morsel – Another Shiny and Playing at Librarian!

It’s Monday once again and, after two days of feeling unusually energetic I now feel lethargic – typical! I blame it on the new Mac – it has led me down some very interesting paths, but more of that later.
First of all – I’ve got a new shiny award!!

Thanks to Carla for nominating me! I feel it’s yet another notch on the post of how far I’ve come since I started blogging in January (was it really only 8 months ago?). I now have to nominate some other sites to receive it – as per usual. I will try not to duplicate those who have it already… So here we go….. *drum roll*

Mony Wyslem Way a great little Medieval blog that I’ve just discovered!
Scottish Scribbles – good to look at and all about our northern Gaelic friends and their history Tanzanite’s Shelf and Stuff – always interesting book reviews. And it doesn’t hurt to see Jonathan Rhys Meyers scrolling through a window either đŸ™‚
The Yorkist Age – Brian has some great insightful posts about the House of York – I really recommend popping over there.
Women of History – Great site which covers women in history (surprise, surprise) from ancient to modern times.
Piers Perrot Gaveston – yes, it’s new but very promising! The blogosphere needs a place for Piers, so go and check out Anerje’s posts and fantastic photos on long-forgotten monument. Medieval Cookery – This site always makes me feel hungry!
Got Medieval – A fun site which always gives me a laugh.

Secondly, I found yet another program to play with the other day (yes, I am having a terrible case of procrastination at the moment!). It’s called Bookpedia and it allows me to live out my life-long ambition to be librarian! With this piece of software I can now catalogue all my books which means that I will now be able to actually find out how many I have. This will probably be alot as I have 6 full bookshelves in my living-room, one in my bedroom, one in my sun-lounge and who-knows how many of crates stored in the attic! In fact I think I’m in for a shock!

The beauty of this program is that I can use the Mac’s built in iSight camera to scan the ISBN barcode, or, if it’s unreadable or if there isn’t one I can just type the number in. The program then searches the Internet and fills in the details before adding it to the main library list. For some strange reason I find this fun and strangely satisfying. My daughter finds it weird that I should think so (hah! teenagers – what do they know?). The other beauty of the program is that I’ve already weeded out about 80 books I no longer want and can sell on Amazon or Ebay which means that it will eventually pay for itself! Win-win situation.

On the more negative side though, the new Mac doesn’t want to play with my Photoshop program :-(. I have only just started to master some of the tricks on Photoshop and was looking forward to creating the new forum logo on it, so grrrrr! I am experimenting with some other programs but they aren’t quite the same. At this rate I’ll be back to hand-sketching and scanning!


About Jules Frusher

With an MA in Creative and Critical Writing, I am passionate about the written word. The other great loves of my life are all things Medieval (especially Hugh le Despenser the Younger) and animal behaviour (especially canids and corvids). Give me a castle in the wilderness (with Broadband!) and I'll be happy!
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