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It’s a case of ‘best laid plans’ and all that. With no classes, appointments or any other distractions in my calendar, I’d planned to spend the week at home, turning my sun lounge into a dedicated study (‘a room of one’s own’ as Virginia Woolf would have said) and writing. Well, the moving around of furniture seems to have become a major logistical nightmare in its own right (seeing as I have only a small 2-bedroom bungalow – it’s bit like one of those slide puzzles). And now, to top it all, next door is having their drive done – so it’s going to be a few days of jack hammers and brick saws!! Therefore, as I’m sure you will agree, as soon as the noise starts, I think I am best off escaping the house.

Anyway, at least I have an hour or so before they start, so I thought I would share with you a few posts I have really enjoyed lately. And in doing so, take the opportunity to highlight some other blogs that I don’t often mention. Hence, my blog chums – Alianore, Susan and Gabriele, whose blogs are great for info, fun and pictures by the way – will have to take a sideline seat today 😉

The first one I must mention is Ceirseach’s Mony Wylsum Way. Ceirsach has recently done a series of fascinating posts on the seven deadly sins as written down in a 14th century manuscript (the first one is here). The descriptions were given so that the reader could learn exactly what he or she was confessing. Excellently researched and written with more than a measure of well-needed humour, these posts make you realise just how full of sin we all are (well, I am, anyway). Hugh and Edward II would have probably needed a few hours every day in confession according to this! Oh – and there’s some good practise at reading Middle English too.

The second post is also part of a series done throughout the year. It is to be found on Medieval Cookery blog and is called Kalendarium Hortense – November‘. This post is only one of a series of extracts from a book called the Kalendarium Hortense (surprise, surprise!) published by John Evelyn in 1683. Not quite medieval, I know, but I doubt the instructions to gardeners of what to do in the garden had changed that much since the 14th Century. In fact I find it interesting that much is still very relevant today.

And if you are hungry and in need of some warming, comforting food, head over to Carla Nayland’s Blogspot, where she has a very yummy-looking recipe for Onion Soup. This is one that I will certainly be trying!

Those of us who live in the UK cannot have failed to have heard all the recent news about the malicious on-air phone call made to an elderly actor by Radio 2 DJs Jonathon Ross and Russell Brand. Well, Anerje has ingeniously managed to get this contemporary story into her Piers Perrot Gaveston blog by comparing Brand to Piers Gaveston. I think though, that many of us would agree that Gaveston had more class!

And finally, I just have to mention the blog I turn to when I need some light relief: Got Medieval.
It’s impossible to single out any post for attention as they are all brilliant and make me laugh. This site should be on prescription of all medieval historians and writers!

OK, the jack hammers have started up now so it’s time for me to hit the shower, have some breakfast and take the dog out before escaping the noise (and I’m taking the dog with me too, in case anyone wonders!).


About Jules Frusher

With an MA in Creative and Critical Writing, I am passionate about the written word. The other great loves of my life are all things Medieval (especially Hugh le Despenser the Younger) and animal behaviour (especially canids and corvids). Give me a castle in the wilderness (with Broadband!) and I'll be happy!
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