The Monday Slog – sorry, Blog!

Well, I was hoping to have another Medieval post for you today, but events have conspired against me, so I’m afraid you’re stuck with another plum boring info-lite excuse for a piece of writing!

First of all, apologies for not having done the summarising of the Despenser War yet – it is on the way… promise! Also, I apologise to all my fellow bloggers for not being as conscientious as normal for looking at their posts – it’s not that I don’t want to, honestly.

Let me explain what’s been going on in my life and what is planned for the next few months. At the beginning of this month I learned that I was no longer required in my lecturing job due to the economic cutbacks. I had seen it coming so at least it wasn’t a shock. Even so, it has still created rather a large dent in my finances. Which is why I’ve been working all the hours I can looking into setting up my own online business (actually, more than one) in order that I can still earn money as well as staying at home and (hopefully) still find time to write!

Phase One is now completed, and at present I have nearly 200 books (surplus from my own collection) for sale at Amazon under the name of Stroppy Dog Books (don’t ask). Sales have been amazingly brisk: today I had an unprecedented number to pack and post, hence not getting around to the post. It won’t be like that every day though, thank goodness! (although I’m not complaining about the income!)

My next venture is another online store selling unusual but beautiful gifts – the sort of treats you buy yourself when you need a little lift. I have just about finished researching wholesalers and am now about to embark (actually, teach myself) to build a website. In a strangely masochistic way I am rather looking forward to this.

So, for the next couple of months you’ll have to forgive me if now and again there are a few days longer between posts than normal, or if I don’t visit your site as often as usual. Hopefully, when things are up and running, I should have a little more time again.

But, just to add a little Medieval flavour (sort of), I have put together a few great ideas for your next holiday – all of course with a Medieval theme!

King Richard’s Medieval Family Fun Park, Naples, Florida

Where, of course, King Richard goes every year when he isn’t on Crusade! And check out the really, really annoying music (!) on the home page – it’ll probably stay with you for the next 24 hours!

King Edward II Inn and Suites, San Francisco

I’ll bet you never knew that dear old Ed had a sideline in the hospitality business! One enthusiastic reviewer claimed “King Edward is the best!”. Yes, we knew that, love.

And here’s one especially for Alianore:

The Dunheved Hotel in London

So now you know what happened to him post 1330 – he went and opened up a hotel in Croydon. Hang on though, I’ve just scrolled to the end of the site above and it says that “this hotel is no longer available”. So it looks like he’s vanished again!


About Jules Frusher

With an MA in Creative and Critical Writing, I am passionate about the written word. The other great loves of my life are all things Medieval (especially Hugh le Despenser the Younger) and animal behaviour (especially canids and corvids). Give me a castle in the wilderness (with Broadband!) and I'll be happy!
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