A Really, Really Short and Speculative Picture History of 1326

For this post I thought I’d do a Susan Higginbotham (apologies Susan!) and play about with some sign generators that I found at: http://www.signgenerator.org/thumbs.htm.

Not that I haven’t been doing any research of course *whistles innocently* – well, er, OK then, time has been a bit short the past few days.

A Brief (Very Brief) Account of 1326!

Hugh and his father were rather unpopular in England due to their unparalleled success in the property market.

This led to a backlash from exiled barons and one disgruntled queen. However, from this pic it seems that Mortimer was having a few issues with short term memory.

A bit later (and after Mortimer remembered where he was going, what he was doing and who with), Hugh and Ed found themselves holed up in Caerphilly Castle whilst fleeing from the rebel forces. Wanting to show off his new Great Hall to Ed, Hugh ordered in a huge Chinese takeaway feast, complete with fortune cookies. Ed was the first to break his open and found this cryptic message inside:

“Load of tosh!” He laughed. “I reckon the Abbot of Neath is playing a little prank on us because he doesn’t want to get out the best tea-set for when we visit”.

Then Hugh snapped his cookie in half:

“About to go up in the world eh? That can’t be bad. As long as it isn’t at the end of a rope though hahahaha!”

Well, we all know the rest of the story. If only they had taken heed of those fortune cookies!


About Jules Frusher

With an MA in Creative and Critical Writing, I am passionate about the written word. The other great loves of my life are all things Medieval (especially Hugh le Despenser the Younger) and animal behaviour (especially canids and corvids). Give me a castle in the wilderness (with Broadband!) and I'll be happy!
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