A Calorie-Free ‘Easter Egg’ to you all

Ok, I admit that it has nothing to do with chocolate and not alot to do with Easter either but, as I’m still in the process of researching Roger Part 2, I wanted to give you all a fun post for over the Easter holiday. So, in eerie synchronisation with Alianore and Susan, I have managed to pull together some funny searches that have hit my blog over the past few weeks. Apologies if any are from you out there – but no offence is intended (you should see some of the strange stuff I’ve put into Google in the past!).

when did death by quartering end?

Usually when the person was dead – which was probably a bit before the quartering if the usual processes were followed!

dad and servant lady

Just what sort of site do you think this is? There again, maybe it was meant to refer to Hugh the elder and an unknown dalliance with a washer-woman.

torture hugh despencer

Now, really, that is just not nice. What did he ever do to you?

tutivillus heights

Sounds like a prime medieval housing location!

what does a lady’s job in the middle ages do in preparation for the king

That depends on what the lady’s ‘job’ entailed. But if it was that sort of a job then she wouldn’t have been much of a lady! There again, perhaps she was just wanting to iron his underpants (OK, OK, I know they didn’t have underpants)!

what sort of punishment is drawing?

That depends on whether you like still life or not.

what happened to chepstow castle

I don’t know, it was still there the last time I looked.

hugh despenser penis

Oh here we go again (yawn) 0h the strange obsession with Hugh’s genitals, as observed by Alianore in her latest post. Now if only I had a pound…

king of power2

What Edward II would have liked to have been known as.

self defence abh

Wasn’t that what Hugh claimed when he attacked John de Ros?

roman reused


lady d memory

Now either this refers to my ability to recall things – which as anyone who knows me will tell you is rather unpredictable, or else I’m supposed to be dead. Personally I prefer the former.

why did the yorkist win the battle of tewkesbury

Why did the chicken cross the road? Come on, where’s the punch line?

most dreadful forms of execution

Obviously should include drawing (see above). I’m sure whatever method was used was dreadful to the person it was being used on!

what did hanging drawing and quartering symbolise

Ummm…. death?

caerphilly castle scaffolding

Yes, it’s b****y annoying, isn’t it? Especially when you want to get a good photo of the castle. I can’t see why anyone would want to Google it though *shrugs*

Anyway, happy Easter to all! May the good chocolate fairy smile kindly on every one of you 😉


About Jules Frusher

With an MA in Creative and Critical Writing, I am passionate about the written word. The other great loves of my life are all things Medieval (especially Hugh le Despenser the Younger) and animal behaviour (especially canids and corvids). Give me a castle in the wilderness (with Broadband!) and I'll be happy!
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