This site is my personal collection of research about Hugh Despenser the Younger in particular but also the reign of Edward II, and everyday life during the 14th century.

I am an author, researcher of history, and permanently curious about EVERYTHING! As well as this site, I am also writing a novel about Hugh Despenser the younger (yes, it’s a long time in the making, but it’s getting there).

This site used to be at ladydespensersscribery.com, but was becoming too unwieldy on WordPress.org, as well as expensive, so I decided to rehome it at WordPress.com and simplify the layout a little. Hence, if you come across an older post with some ‘odd bits’ (code snippets, ad code or whatever), please just ignore them as you read and maybe let me know later.

I’m not sure how often this will be updated – I usually write a post when I am researching something for the novel. So there will be new bits, just not every week.

Jules Frusher

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