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As you’ve probably guessed by now – this blog has slipped into a bit of a hiatus. This is mainly because I am concentrating all my time and energy now on getting the novel written, as well as compiling databases … Continue reading

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Update /The Three Castles I Visited in Wales Pt 1

First of all, apologies for my absence in blogland– both in writing my own and reading others’. I have largely been distracted by both the novel, and setting up the online gift business to be able to research much in … Continue reading

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Review: Edward II (play) at Berkeley Castle, 10th April.

When much of your waking life is centred around researching and writing about Edward II’s reign and, especially, his last favourite, Hugh Despenser, it becomes one of those ‘things to do’ to go and see a performance of Christopher Marlowe’s … Continue reading

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